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Wichita Family Law | Wagle and Turley Divorce Lawyers Wichita KS
Jennifer Wagle and Stephen Turley are Family Law Attorneys in Wichita

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Family Lawyer and Adoption Lawyer

Wagle & Turley family law attorneys are dedicated to providing their clients with quality representation.

At Wagle & Turley, we manage a broad range of family law case types. Further, our family lawyers, adoption attorneys, and divorce lawyers pride themselves on responding to the unique needs of each case.

We focus on giving detailed attention to every client. Therefore, our skilled adoption lawyers and divorce attorneys have the experience to aggressively represent you and your case. In addition, our goal is to successfully advocate your position both in and outside the courtroom.

Family Lawyer, Adoption Attorneys & Divorce Lawyers for the Wichita Community

Please browse our website to learn more about the services our attorneys offer. We want to assist you with your legal issues. The Wagle & Turley attorneys are individual practitioners of family law based in Wichita, Kansas.

Featured Topic:

Child support issues are common cases, even when the circumstances of each family are unique. Both Jennifer Wagle and Stephen Turley help clients with the issues, opportunities, and challenges related to child support.

The purpose of child support is to provide for the needs of the child, or children in a family. The calculation of child support is determined by a number of factors. These factors include health care costs, parents’ income, work-related child care costs, prior born, and subsequent children, parenting time, and much more.

The needs of a child include direct expenses such as school-related expenses (including school lunches), extracurricular activities, and clothing. Additionally, indirect expenses for child support are costs that benefit the child but aren’t directly paid. Examples of indirect expenses include food, transportation, housing, or utilities.

We are ready to help you protect your income and provide your home with the stability you, and your children need. The outcome of child support cases are vital to all parties involved, especially your children. Above all, the attorneys at Wagle & Turley work hard to protect you and your family.