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Are you the mother or father of a child in an unmarried partnership? You may wish to pursue a paternity action and require a paternity lawyer. Wagle & Turley can help. Fill out our intake form to talk to our paternity attorneys.

What Happens When You File for Paternity?

Such cases are governed by the Kansas Parentage Act and are initiated by filing a Petition with the District Court requesting that either the Petitioner (the person filing the Petition) or the Respondent (the other party) be declared to be the father of the child or children at issue.

In making this determination, the Court may order that genetic testing be performed to determine whether a party is truly the father of a child. If he is conclusively determined to be the father, the Court will enter an order declaring him to be the legal parent of the child at issue.

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Child Support & Custody

A paternity action can also be used as the vehicle to establish a child support obligation for one of the parties. Further, matters relating to child custody, child residency, and visitation can be adjudicated within a paternity action.

If you need a paternity lawyer with the experience and knowledge to assist you in either prosecuting a paternity case on behalf of your child or defending against an unjust result if you are responding to a paternity action we can help. Please contact the paternity lawyers of Wagle & Turley to schedule a consultation.