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Family Law Appeals Wichita, KS

There may come a time in which you need to appeal a decision of the District Court. Our attroneys have ample appellate experience to help you with the family law appeals process. Contact us for more information.

Appellate Advocacy

In some situations, the decision of the District Court is appealed to either the Kansas Court of Appeals or the Kansas Supreme Court. Our family law and divorce attorneys have the experience to effectively advocate your case before the Kansas appellate courts. Our firm has been involved in several appellate cases that have resulted in both published and unpublished opinions. Some of the published cases in which our family law and divorce lawyers were involved are listed below:

  • In re Marriage of Dean, 437 P.3d 46 (2018)
  • In re Marriage of Knoll, 52 Kan.App.2d 930, 381 P.3d 490 (2016)
  • In re Marriage of Larimore, 52 Kan.App.2d 930, 381 P.3d 490 (2016)
  • In re Marriage of Evans, 37 Kan.App.2d 803, 157 P.3d 666 (2007)
  • In re Marriage of Roth, 28 Kan.App.2d 45, 11 P.3d 514 (2000)
  • In re Marriage of Patterson, 22 Kan.App.2d 522, 920 P.2d 450 (1996)
  • In re Marriage of Osborne, 21 Kan.App.2d 374, 901 P.2d 12 (1995)